Be kind – always

In Tibet, there is a saying, “When seen from afar, yaks look healthy and handsome; close up, they look like sickly sheep; but under their fleece, they are infested with lice and scabies.” In other words, when we look at others from afar they may appear to have happiness, prestige, friends and wealth. But when … Continue reading Be kind – always

Meditation in action

Next step, is to train in any daily activities, with a calm, kind, and clear mind – to mindfully watch our intentions, in whatever we do. It’s a kind of “mental aikido” – mindfulness in action.

Applying the View in daily life is indispensable. Dharma practice has to embrace all activities and conduct – not only when sitting on the cushion – you don’t meditate with your butt. Continue reading Meditation in action

View, meditation and conduct

You are not bound by appearances –
But by grasping at them.
— Tilopa

This is one of the most profound quotes on the nature of mind, and points out the root cause of all our frustrations and sufferings: grasping and holding on to our own thoughts and emotions. Grasping at appearances consists of repeatedly thinking about inner and outer experiences, again and again in endless circles. Continue reading View, meditation and conduct